How long will ROX chill my drink for?

Long enough for you to enjoy it, and then some.

Is Soapstone safe?

Yes, pure Soapstone is inert. Alkalies and acids won’t affect it as they will a granite, marble, or slate, making Soapstone the perfect material for ROX. Soapstone is the only non-porous, odorless, tasteless, natural and food safe stone used in the home.

Are ROX reusable?

Yes, you will wear out before your ROX do. After each use just rinse them off in the sink and place them back in the freezer.

What is the difference between ROX | STONE and ROX | STAINLESS?

ROX | STONE are constructed from 100% Soapstone and are ideal for maintaining a beverage’s temperature for an extended period of time. ROX | STAINLESS are constructed from Stainless Steel and filled with a combination of food grade liquids. ROX | STAINLESS, when placed in your beverage, are designed to provide the same effectiveness of ice without the dilution.

What is the difference between the Spirits, Wine, and Coffee product variations?

The only difference is the packaging.

What is the difference between ROX XL and regular ROX | STONE?

ROX XL soapstone chillers are 100% larger than normal ROX | STONE. They include four 1.25″ cubes instead of the normal eight 1″ cubes.

How long does it take to receive my order?

ROX typically ship within 1-2 business days and arrive within 2-3 business days for domestic orders. For our international friends, shipping takes between 6-10 business days.

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